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February 22, 2013
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Lady Stoneheart - ASoIaF / Game of Thrones by Azad-Injejikian Lady Stoneheart - ASoIaF / Game of Thrones by Azad-Injejikian
This is my predictive interpretation of what Michelle Fairley may look like come the finale of season 3 of Hbo's Game of Thrones (or maybe season 4?)

I briefly posted this on twitter last year for Bryan Cogman from the HBO production of Game of Thrones. I took it down quickly (because it was such a huge spoiler, and I got a few complaints from non book readers), but to my surprise it miraculously popped up all over the net here and there since. Uncredited :(

But on DeviantArt, you have to search for what you want so... If you're searching for Lady Stoneheart, I'm assuming you know whats up, so this can't be a spoiler. No complaints please.

This was my first attempt at using my new bought (at the time) Cintiq.

So here's the higher res for anyone who wanted to better version. At least this one has my watermark.
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This! Wow! This is EXACTLY what I imagine she would/will look like. Great, GREAT job!

Is she confirmed for the show? I was expecting it by now... I hope they don't omit it.
Not officially. But it's a pretty safe bet. I guess we'll wait and hope
When I first saw this (on Google, quite a while ago) I thought it was a legit promo poster for Season 4. It's amazing!
Love well done ... no spoiler we all fantasize what they look like ..cant wait for the next season to be honest and this is just how i imagine her as well ... greatly done two thumbs up
You have caputred Michelle's look wonderfully, and how I imagined the stonehearted Lady would appear.
I'm trying to make a lady stoneheart costume. But I can't seem to find a description of her eyes. I found one on page 1128 in SOS. Anyone have a page number of more descriptions?
I made them pale like a corpse, but In brienne's last chapter of AFFC,  her eyes are described as "two red pits, burning in the shadows". Not sure if that means her eyes are actually red like Melisendre's (which would point to Mel being undead like Catelyn) or if hey seem that way because they're reflecting the light of the fire nearby.
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